A year ago I was sweeping a lot of heavy debris for a client.  Lots of side to side sweeping and hard pushes almost like trying to shoot a hockey puck, trying to push the debris.  That night I knew I had hurt my lower back on the right.  If you feel your lower back there’s a bump on each side of the spine.  The pain was radiating from there.  Within a week I had some pretty bad muscle spasms back there.  The spasms went away but the pain lingered.  It would go away for maybe a week or two and then come back, always in that same spot.

Fast forward to today.  At this point within the last week the same spot on the lower right side of my back hurts.  Sometimes it almost pulls or something if I’m crouched down and try to get up and makes me weak on that side for a second.  The hip on the right side has also started burning right at the tip.  I also have some pain like a band going down my groin from the hip.  Occasionally my groin has a burning feeling as well.  Any suggestions?  If I need a PT, can I just go to one or do I have to be referred?  I have terrible insurance and hoped that I could just do some exercises or something but it’s getting worse and I’ve waited quite a while with improvement.

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