I was going to physical therapy for a lateral pelvic tilt (my right hip is significantly higher than my left), and I was assigned a few at-home exercises to partake in:
1. 90-90 supported hip lift with hemibridge

2. Right sidelying respiratory left adductor pull back

3. Left sidelying resisted right glute max.

At first I noticed a positive difference in my posture, but after a couple of weeks doing the exercises, I have found that my right hip is now pushed forward rather than even with my other hip. It’s more noticeable after I have completed the exercise routine set by my physical therapist. I notice it in my gait that my right leg takes longer strides than my left, and when naturally standing, my right leg is “more forward” than my left. It’s not painful, but its uncomfortable and I feel as if I’ve backtracked.

I’m no longer seeing the Physical therapist because my insurance only approved so many appointments. I’m curious as to whether or not these exercises should stop, or maybe there’s something I could possibly use in conjunction with them to assist in my therapy and recovery. Any suggestions or input is appreciated.

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