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    If I have shoulder impingement problems affecting my supraspinatus tendon, will pulling exercises (like rows that activate the latismus dorsi) further worsen my impingement because the lats cause internal rotation

  • Hello, I am very much in need of guidance on how to regain my balance for walking. Long story short, I walk with a cane, my left leg has issues lifting ( hip drop) it is getting better slowly but my balance is not

  • One of my calves is significantly smaller than the other after wearing a walking boot for 6 weeks for a foot fracture.  Are there any effective calf-building exercises that don’t require going up the ball of the

  • Hi! I am trying to achieve a deep bodyweight squat, but I have limited ankle mobility. I am addressing this issue by performing stretches for my ankle an calves, however whenever I isolate and stretch my left

  • I was going to physical therapy for a lateral pelvic tilt (my right hip is significantly higher than my left), and I was assigned a few at-home exercises to partake in:
    1. 90-90 supported hip lift with

  • A year ago I was sweeping a lot of heavy debris for a client.  Lots of side to side sweeping and hard pushes almost like trying to shoot a hockey puck, trying to push the debris.  That night I knew I had hurt my l

  • No matter what I try I am unable to wrap my hamstring with a ace bandage and it stay in place even using tape to try and keep it from moving.  What are you’re thoughts on using KT tape as I’m supposed to keep my

  • About 13 years ago  I  tore the cartilage lining my rib cage. Recently it has been  really easy  to reinjure/ irritate it. I need to know some good exercises to strengthen it.

  • I have 2 weeks of my season left. Around late February I noticed my running was off. I started having bad hip and groin pain, and it hasn’t gone away. My left leg is noticeably smaller and weaker than my right,

  • Is walking on a treadmill damaging to the knees?

  • I’m a former collegiate XC/Distance track and field runner who is currently training for her first half marathon in June. I’ve been dealing with a bad bout of Achilles tendinitis for about a year and a half now

  • Seems to have become an issue after a heavy shoulder collision playing soccer. Months later I feel discomfort has become more common. Left shoulder. Only hurts at certain angles.

    Pain is in the front of

  • I spraind my ankle about 7 weeks ago, I believe its a medial ankle sprained. when in dorsiflexion or going down stairs i feel like a pull in the in area where the arrow is pointing to in the picture.

    Do you it

  • Doctor xrayed, diagnosed severe bone bruise below right knee in June of last year, didn’t think there was knee involvement, but my knee is frozen at a 45 degree angle with very little range of motion due to the

  • Hello,

    I had a caudate lobectomy on 12/28/2018.  Next week will be my 8 week mark and I have been given the green light to resume exercising.  Will you please provide me with some exercises that will help ease m

  • How would you gauge the degree of bruising/inflammation in the supraspinatus muscle from a blunt impact (ie, falling off a bike) and determine when and how much it was safe to do weight-bearing excercise afterwards?

  • I am going for OT for post op trigger finger release surgery. As a new patient, I received 13 PAGES of forms to fill out. One of those pages was a form called the (PHQ-9) Patient Health Questionnaire. It asks

  • I’m going in for OT for post op trigger finger release surgery. As a new patient I received 13 pages of info to fill out. One form is the “Patient Health Questionairre” (PHQ-9) which asks questions if I’m

  • I had leg bypass the end of Feb.  When I walk with a walker or a grocery shopping cart I have little or not hip and calf pain.  When I walk just regular with no walker or cart I have considerable hip pain and o

  • Hi


    Please take 5 minutes to read this message.

    First of all sorry for my english, i’m a young man (23 years old) who lives in Africa (in Morocco) and i realy, realy, REALY need your help.

    Four years a

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