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The purpose of a vision statement is to picture future of our profession into words. It helps us to change, shape, and transform our goals. We have not achieved many aspects of vision 2020 and moving beyond it with a lot of unfinished businesses sounds too vague. However, with rapidly transforming healthcare it is important to revise and update our vision for future of physical therapy. The field of physical therapy has made incredible progress over the last decade, and it is about the time when everyone in the society knows about it. After reading the beyond vision 2020, I believe that the new provisions are next logical steps to show the world our scope of practice. PTs_slide


It is inspiring to aim high. However, we are still far from recognized as the preferred providers among other healthcare professionals who also have a complete autonomous practice, and unrestricted direct access as stated in the Vision 2020. It would have been better if we had incorporated more specific and professional elements over just some ambiguous “purposes”. Vision 2020 had specific elements such as DPT, evidence‐based practice, direct access, autonomous practice, professionalism, the practitioner of choice (APTA, 2015), whereas the new vision seems too abstract.


It is important to expand our role and responsibility as a physical therapist while ensuring the optimum quality of care. The Doctor of Physical Therapy will help physical therapists to learn and adopt new vision concepts of collaboration, innovation and, quality more effectively. Although looking past Vision 2020 seems premature when we have not achieved many elements, I couldn’t agree more with the key elements that were proposed. As lifelong learners and continuously striving to better our profession, we must follow these high goals.


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